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This wiki is about everything, including nothing which is something, or is it! I was eating an everything bagel without butter, so I asked for butter then next time... My bagel had so much butter it was green! So now I include nothing... or do I? Yeah I don't that would be a lot of spam. Yet I just write about what ever's on my mind (Other than... feelings, gross right?). So eat your bagels... Everything bagels! Tell your friends how bonkers this wiki is! Hope you keep reading, stay out of school kids! Just write and read comics!

Aqua Marine Biology Lesson 1Edit

Welcome to weird school, and I'm your teacher. Call me Mr.Dundee! Turn to Page one in your weird books! Before you start reading I'll give you some basic info! What we are learning about is a Psycrolutes Marcidus (also know as a blob fish)! This is a very rare fish, know why they are rare? They're endangered fish that live where water pressure is so high it can crush a human in seconds! Funny story, they aren't anything but fish trawlers' prey. What I mean by this is fish trawlers scoop them up and their eggs do or don't put them back they're dead! Thankfully females lay thousands of eggs probably 50 blob fish make it out alive! They can't even hide they have no muscles they only can float and open their mouths! Learn more at [LinkyDinkyFinkyBinkyLinky]!

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Here are some Good books that are being made right now!

Midnight City

Jay the Blob Fish

Where the Monsters Hide

The Bear Files


Super Space

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